Friday, January 9, 2009

A plea for veracity shouted into the uncaring wind...

The talking heads are missing the point. None of the talking heads disagree that some of what Obama is promising as tax cuts are going to people who don't pay taxes. They'll receive larger subsidy checks from the government. One side calls it welfare. The other side keeps explaining why they need these subsidy checks.

I don't know whether welfare is the right term or not. I don't know who they are, so I don't know if they need larger subsidy checks or not. That's another discussion and not relevant to my point.

Here's my point...

A tax cut reduces the level of tax one pays. If one does not pay taxes, then one cannot receive a tax cut. Instead of calling your plan a, "tax cut plan," our useless politicians could say, "we have a plan that will reduce taxes for some and will provide larger subsidies for others." It's longer and has more syllables but it does have the benefit of being the truth.

I know why our delightful politicians don't do this. They're liars by nature. They call the entire plan a tax cut leaving out portions of the truth because it will look better in a headline in the New York Times or someone's RSS feed. Things change. They also remain the same.

If you are waiting for a new era in politics, you have been given ample warning that you aren't going to get one.

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