Sunday, January 11, 2009

Middle East Conflict, part MMMCCXCVII...


Reading about the conflict in the Middle East is a mind boggling experience. It seems that too many people are trying to confuse the issue. The issue is really very simple. God made the region holy to too many different people who don't like each other all that much. I've done some digging down into the history of the region. The history is even more confusing than news agencies want to make the conflict to be. Since I wasn't interested in putting too much effort into the study, I decided that my primary source would be Scholastic Magazine. Since their audience is children, I figured that the read wouldn't be too taxing. The timeline of the region they wrote up was pretty interesting. Not only was it interesting, but it met my requirement of being not too taxing mentally.

The most telling part of the history is that the two people who really want to control it has spent very little time or never controlling it. Prior to the creation of the state of Israel, it was a British Mandate. Before that, it was the Ottomans. Before that, it was the Arab Caliphs. Before that, it was the Byzantine Empire. Before that, it was the Romans. You get the idea. The Holy to too many people Land is one of the great world crossroads. It has spent most of its history under the control of some distant or not so terribly distant empire builder.

The big mistake was actually giving it to one of the groups that consider it holy. My solution to this problem is simple. Give it to a neutral party that will turn the place into that which the peacemakers haven't even aspired.

Holy Land Disney.jpg

Yes, yes, I know. Euro Disney was the joke of its time. Well, I think this could be a real hit. Think about what the region is like now. Who better than Disney to make it into what everyone would really like it to be...The Happiest Place on Earth.

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