Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm glad I didn't go...

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Nancy Franklin wrote an article for the New Yorker called, "A Place Called Hope." The article discusses the wall to wall, ceiling to floor, end to end, from here to there coverage the cable news networks gave the inauguration of Barack Obama. Her premise was, for everything she was able to see with the TV coverage, she felt disconnected from it by distance. Her article ends with, "By watching it on TV, I’d missed it."

I watched Obama being sworn into office. I had no intention of watching his address as I mentioned in a previous post. I'm glad those who wanted to go went. I feel badly for those, like Franklin, who wished they had gone and didn't for whatever reason. I watched history as it was made. I watched it on television. I'm glad I did.

Here's what I did not miss by choosing TV over the 20 minute car ride, a metro ride, and a two mile walk. Yes, I live that close.

1. Cold for which even my midwestern blood is not equipped.
2. Long lines at the portapotty for which my aging bladder is ill equipped.
3. A dearth of hot coffee which I refuse to even imagine.
4. Long periods of standing to which my flat feet would react badly.
5. Extremely large crowds which make me uncomfortable.
6. An opportunity to read the inaugural address instead of not hearing it well over a public address system.

and finally...

7. All that political commentary that I find so very funny.

If I had a machine to travel through time, I would take Ms. Franklin back and she could take another swing at going to the inauguration. As it stands, I can't. At least not yet...

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