Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Three short months later...

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It has been three short months since I had the idea, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to have a blog." I was motivated by a friend who keeps a couple of blogs of her own. Let's just say I wanted to be cool like her. And pale imitation is the greatest form of chasing but not catching cool.

It's been an interesting experience so far to say the least. Most of the time, it's fun. Sometimes it's a little hard to find something about which I'd like to write. Usually I find it a challenge to put into words what I am really thinking. Challenges are good things. They exercise the mind. Besides, since I can't actually reach out and shake anyone by the collar until they come to their senses without an assault charge or the wrath of the secret service, it's better that I blog.

In this first three months, I have written forty-four blog entries. This works out to about one every other day. This means sometimes I wrote two in a day because there are stretches without many entries. I call that stretch December.

Most of my entries have been on topic. A few have strayed. Some are serious. Some aren't. A few are really good. Most are, generously speaking, just fair.

Google Analytics tells me that I have had 141 unique visitors to my website. It also tells me that the average time on my site is just over four minutes. This means that most of these people came to my site, realized it wasn't what they were looking for, and moved on. Most people visit my site only once. I'm far from surprised.

During my blogging time, I have watched some interesting treads in politics.

1. Since I've been watching politics more carefully and reading a little more for blog fodder, I've noticed how much things are really the same since my first interest in politics during the Reagan/Mondale election. Different names but basically the same bread and circuses.

2. I've watched Barack Obama go from being a foregone conclusion to being our first African-American president.

3. I've watched the Democratic Party avoid their mistakes at the beginning of the Clinton administration and not act like children in an unsupervised candy store. Time will tell how long this lasts. Both parties tend toward this effect if they win big. The longer they can stay away from it, the longer they'll remember why they got tired of the republicans.

4. I've watched the Republican Party begin the slow, painful journey from the party of, "Put the flag and the match down and back away slowly," and, "Just what are you doing in that bedroom," to the party of low taxes and small government that tends to be what resonates with voters when they get tired of the democrats.

5. I've watched yet another change of parties in the White House herald a new era. Later on I'll be able to point out that, yet again, it didn't happen. When will people realize that our government system in its current form is designed from the ground up for business as usual and change is not going to come from one person, even the one at the top?


Despair, Inc. has so many wise things to say in poster, et. al. form.

After three months, I feel it is time to evaluate the reason for which I write this blog. I enjoy writing this blog whether or not anyone is actually reading it. I confess to being jazzed that people are actually finding it regardless of whether or not they stay to read it. I plan to continue trying to find someone who will stop long enough to read and understand that there aren't going to be any great things coming from government until there is a fundamental change in the people who make up the government. As long as our government is comprised of politicians, we're doomed to the same old, same old.

I'll continue to write about other things as they interest me so nobody can read about that as well.

I promise I won't put things in my blog just to drive traffic to my site, rather like when John Dvorak says something uncomplimentary about Apple, Inc. just to draw hits to his website.

That said, and as a parting comment...

Barack Obama Sucks...

Barack Obama sucks popsicles because no matter how well one cares for their teeth, most adults have some sensitivity to cold and therefore most don't bite and chew popsicles.

Barack Obama sucks Tootsie Pops because that's how suckers are supposed to be consumed.

Barack Obama sucks honeycrisp apples when he bites into them because they are extraordinarily juicy.

Barack Obama sucks beverages through a straw when he uses a straw because that's just how they work.

Barack Obama sucks air into his lungs because air contains the vital component, oxygen.

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