Monday, January 26, 2009

Terrorists have learned the lessons of American politics well...

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Since 9/11, al-Queda has not had a successful attack in the United States. Since terrorist isn't working out so well for them, they are taking a swing at being politicians. Lacking anything substantive, al-Queda has resorted to hurling insults at President Obama. I won't dignify what they're saying by repeating any of it.

What strikes me about this is that if these people were politicians, this would be called a smear campaign. It would be spoken poorly of in the press but would be reported on as a legitimate tool of a campaign. As it stands, they are nothing but terrorists looking to gain some support. They don't balk at the free press either.

I don't think politicians are terrorists. I don't think terrorists are politicians. I think both choose the same tactics for not terribly dissimilar reasons.

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