Saturday, February 7, 2009

The politics of laughter...

In political-speak, laughter has magical powers. The clip above is an exchange between Whoopi Goldberg and Sean Hannity. By the way, this clip also proves Star Trek wrong. Apparently matter and anitmatter don't explode when in the presence of each other. That's fine. I learned all my science from Doctor Who, but I digress.

A little over half way into the discourse, Hannity defends George Bush's decision to enter Iraq. Whoopi laughs uproariously and then moves on to her previous point. Now in political-speak, Whoopi won this exchange.

I wish political-speak had been the standard when I was in debate in high school. All those hours I spent doing research.

Unfortunately, this is the level of national discourse. One side makes a point. The other side laughs and moves on to another point. Then there's more laughter.

This was a nice little demonstration of why nothing useful is said in the political realm. Nobody is listening.

The appropriate sound for the end of this post can be found here.

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