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A case for waterboarding...


Puppy Found Abandoned, Frozen to Tree

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By Paul Wagner

FOX 5 reporter

HAGERSTOWN, Md. - The Humane Society is trying to learn who abandoned a puppy on a cold winter night in Hagerstown, Maryland, leaving him helplessly stuck to a tree encased in ice.

The Shepherd mix, who is just seven weeks old, was discovered Saturday night by a woman walking her dog. She heard the pup whimpering in a wooded area behind an apartment complex.

The women told Humane Society officials the pup couldn't move. Some of his fur was frozen to a tree.

She took him to her apartment where she kept him warm, nursing him back to health. Duncan, as he is now being called, has mange but is otherwise in fairly good health.

Paul Miller, Director of the Washington County Humane Society, says someone had been taking care of the dog. Why he was abandoned is unclear. Investigators are now trying to learn who the pup belonged to, and that's a tough assignment according to Miller.

The director says it's very difficult to identify previous owners, especially if they've been abandoned in neighborhoods where no one has ever seen the dog before.

Duncan is not yet available for adoption. The Humane Society says it hopes to find a new owner for the pup in about a week.

I pasted the entire text of this short article as local sources will usually purge their articles. I have included the link for citation purposes (for as long as it lasts).

Few things piss me off more than pet abuse. I get there's a downturn in the economy. I get that people are having a hard time financially. That in no way excuses pet abandonment. Attend carefully all you morons who have or are considering dropping your pet off on a country road. Leaving a domesticated animal to fend for themselves is an idea that only a really stupid person could embrace. Your pet has been conditioned to be fed and cared for by someone. That someone is you. If you have forgotten who you are, go look in a mirror and find something with your name on it. I'll wait.

Now, past or future pet abandoner, you have reintroduced yourself to yourself and presumably taken care of your latest trail of drool. Here are some things to consider before your next attempt at pet abandonment.

For the only moderately stupid: You could quit reading blogs and use the power of Google to find an alternative. Find your local humane society. Find a rescue society. Find someone who is looking for a dog. Place a classified ad offering your pet free to a good home. I know these things take time. According to data, there is a two in three chance that you are overweight. You can live off the fat of the land for a while.

For the very stupid: Those of you who are really stupid are not only too stupid to realize I'm insulting you, but your stupid enough to think this is a good idea.........Look around you. Do you have a child in the house? It would be preferable if the child can speak, so pick the oldest one. If you stop and do what you classify as thinking you'll convince yourself that the kid is more expensive than the pet and there are more resources to care for abandoned children than abandoned pets.

Am I advocating child abuse over pet abuse? No, I'm not. However, it is much easier to find the parents of abandoned children than the owners of abandoned pets. If a stupid person abandons their child instead of their pet, they'll get found and their ass put in jail where it belongs.

It's fortunate that I am not in charge of dealing with those who abuse their pets. I would make Torquemada look like an ACLU lawyer. Were I given a free hand, I would truly make those who are cruel to their pets regret their decision. Waterboarding would be for the minor offenders.

If you can't care for your pet, find someone who can. If you don't like the way your pet turned out, it's probably your fault. You did something wrong in its upbringing. If that isn't the case, you probably got a dog from a breeder who wasn't careful with bloodlines. I have a special place in my rehabilitation facility for those people.

I own pets. I love my pets. I read stories like this and I'm sick with grief for the poor animal.

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