Sunday, February 8, 2009


broken donkey and elephant.jpgI just spent some time floating around the blogosphere. There are lots of blogs that extol the virtues of democrats and renounce all republicans as idiots. There are lots of blogs that extol the virtues of republicans and renounce all democrats as idiots. For all their opposites, they do share some things in common.

Some of the sites are really well done. Most are not.

Most of the sites (that I visited) have a lot of comments for each story.

All of these sites are dead wrong. Our current system of party politics is broken. I can find more evidence than I have time to talk about in my blog. One day, Americans will elect a group of people who are prepared to reinvent the system. We will always have two parties, or four, or some other even number. I hope for the day that politics will consist of intelligent ideological discussion and less vitriol.

Politics is the balance of conflict and compromise, not screaming insults and you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

I'll watch. I'll wait. I won't hold my breath. Until then, porkbarrel spending and useless mudslinging will rule the scene.

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