Thursday, February 19, 2009

The fierce urgency of completely dropping the ball...

I have a rotten cold so I have to keep this short. Focusing on a task makes me dizzy. I did a quick visit to NewsGator, my favorite RSS aggregator. I did a quick skim which means I read a few headlines from my favorite blogs and marked the rest of the unread as read with a vague promise to visit more often in the future.

One article caught my eye and I had to read all the articles on the topic with bated breath and more than a little hope. Barack Obama took his first trip out of the country. He went to Canada. I read, I searched, I hoped, and I found nothing. That settles it. Barack Obama sucks! He went all the way to Canada and spoke with Prime Minister Stephen Harper himself. There was not one single mention of Corner Gas and continuing the series. Obama didn't make a request, world leader to world leader. He didn't make a veiled threat about how we could employ a lot of people in the United States making bombs if we all of the sudden started dropping them someplace. It isn't like Harper wouldn't have known what Obama was talking about. Harper did a cameo appearance in an episode during the fourth season of the show. You dropped the ball, President Obama. I don't care what else you talked about while you were in Canada. You failed to discuss the most important topic.

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