Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Things to do if you're too disinterested to vote...

House.jpgThe USA Network has a sixteen hour marathon of House. Obviously his cynicism appeals to me. Cynic is a word invented by optimists to insult realists. Flip on the TV, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy.

Photo from hughlaurie.net. Used with permission.

videogame controller.jpgIf you want to sit in front of the TV but are afraid they will interrupt your viewing enjoyment with, "breaking news," you may want to consider a video game. If you're still afraid that you may hear the words, "We interrupt this boss fight for special election coverage," you may want to move to the computer. If you are afraid you will hear the words, "We have opened your media player for you so that we may bring you this important election coverage," you may want to try a board game. If you are afraid that you will flip over the Community Chest card and it will tell you something about the election, I can't help you with that one.

Gambit.jpgIf neither of those appeal to you, you may want to consider falling back on that tried and true brain engagement technique called reading. I would suggest something light, such as a comic book or if you are really ambitious, perhaps something like an X-Men novelization. There is nothing more relaxing on an irritating day like today than to read about Gambit cutting down the opposition with exploding playing cards.

It does lead one to wonder what the country would be like if it were run by the X-Men. President Charles Xavier, as much as he would find it distasteful, using his mental powers to convince congress that they don't want to spend several hundred million dollars erecting a gigantic farm implement covered with dirt as a tribute to our agricultural heritage. He could use his mental powers to convince people that they would look at it and say, "That's one great big, dirty hoe." A special thanks to one of my favorite episodes of Corner Gas for that little bit. I will leave a discussion of the benefits of the Secretary of Agriculture (Storm) and Secretary of Defense (Wolverine, obviously) for another post.

blogger.jpgIf all else fails, I suppose you could always post to your blog, or start a blog, or read someone else's blog.

More later when this is all over. I'm going to go do something else now.

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