Friday, November 28, 2008

Sometimes you need to rely on your friends' judgement...

ghostrider.jpgWe were elated to hear the news that our best friends are pregnant. Well, in strictest terms, only she's really pregnant but it's politically correct these days to say they both are. I still think it sounds stupid but they are the times in which we live (at least waitron didn't catch on). They are engaging in the process of choosing a name for the baby. We don't have kids so aren't entirely sure how to go about this process but my wife struck upon genius. I had suggested something from Marvel comics. My less than inspired idea was to name the child after my personal favorite...Magneto. My wife came up with a much better idea and the ideal name for the child...Ghost Rider. It works well. You can choose to have a built-in middle name...Ghost Rider Lippschidts (not their real name). Or you could choose to have one of those really cool four name names...Ghost Rider Gambit Flivelsticks (also not their real name).

Either way, I can't wait until this summer to say, "Welcome to the world, Ghost Rider."

It's kinda nice to talk about something important instead of politics.

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