Saturday, November 1, 2008

As a testament to my disinterest...

I'm not voting in this election. I moved to a different state recently and didn't even bother to register. Why waste the gas to go to my polling place if I truly believe that it won't make a bit of difference which person is elected? If I truly believe it is a zero sum game (and I do), then it is a waste of my time to pull one lever or another. It's even environmentally friendly. I won't be increasing my carbon footprint if my car sits in the driveway on election day. Since my place of employment is closed on election day, the car won't be used at all. Unless a car is environmentally unfriendly while it sits inert in the driveway, it will have no environmental impact this election day.

Now there are those out there who will say that since I am not voting, I have no right to complain. I know this because I used to be one of them. I feel rather foolish about it now. It's really simple if one stops to think about it. A person who stays home on election day because he or she doesn't believe either candidate deserves his or her vote retains his or her right to complain as the candidate who ultimately wins will not represent the less desirable alternative. Future complaining will not be directed at any individual person in office, but rather at the system as there was no opportunity for that person to vote for someone who will improve the situation. The minute this person says, "Things would have been better if [insert candidate's name here] had been elected," then they forfeit all complaining rights. You won't be hearing such words from me. There are several people running for office. I don't believe it makes a hoot in hell difference which wins. Until there are some fundamental changes in the way the system works, there isn't anyone who will change the face of the American political scene.
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