Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Barack Obama and I'm being forced to do this by people with guns off camera…


I watched a minute-ish commercial where Barack Obama talked about the different plans he has for when he becomes president. I couldn't tell you precisely what he was talking about because when politicians speak, I automatically file it under lies and pipe dreams for later shredding. What came at the end demonstrated what a farce our political system has become. He actually said, "I'm Barack Obama and I endorse this message." Well, you're Barack Obama. You're saying this message yourself. Doesn't that, by default, mean you are endorsing the message by saying it yourself?

I want that commercial analyzed. Maybe he's blinking a message to us in morse code. Maybe he really is being forced to say these things. On the other hand, I've seen him live since that commercial was probably made, so we know he's OK. But keep an eye out. There could be unsavory people in the shadows.

This would have been just as funny if McCain had done it. No, it would have been a bit funnier. There could have been some old person joke about how he didn't remember what he was doing or something like that.

Perhaps by the time Mickey Mouse actually runs for office, they can replace, "I endorse this message," with what that really means.

Mickey Mouse.jpg

I'm Mickey Mouse and this is just what politicians are expected to do.

I'm Mickey Mouse and my strategists have told me that this will resonate with undecided voters.

I'm Mickey Mouse and the polls say this is really popular.

I'm Mickey Mouse and these are really memorable sound bites.

I'm Mickey Mouse and if this legislation ever sees the light of day, it will be loaded with so much pork barrel spending that we'd be better off not passing it.

I'm Mickey Mouse and let's face it, attack ads really work.

I'm Mickey Mouse and if the opposition party doesn't stop me, my own party will.

I'm Mickey Mouse and I'm not buying any of this either.

The honesty would be refreshing.
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