Monday, October 27, 2008

And so it begins...

I've wanted to do start a blog for some time. I know a blogger and know of many bloggers. I want to be numbered among this august group of people. The thing that has kept me from starting a blog is that I haven't had in mind a topic on which I could speak for any length of time. I still may not have one. I think that this topic has legs.

I'm sick of politics. I'm not just sick of this election, I'm sick of politics. I used to love it. I watched the debates. I watched news shows with zeal, my favorite being the McLaughlin Group. It was fun. I'd discuss. I'd get angry. I'd yell at the TV. That is all over now.

I tried to get interested in this political season. I thought it would be like the previous ones. It was the first debate that turned it all around. The debate started. I listened. Then it occurred to me. I've been listening to this same drivel since the Reagan/Mondale debates. The names have changed. Different words were used. The arguments were framed a little differently, but both of the dominant political parties are still promising the same cures to the same societal ills flavored to fit their own political philosophies.

This blog will be an outlet for my disinterest or disgust (depends on the day) with American politics. I'll post as often as my soul needs unburdening. If you are reading this and feel as I do, please feel free to join me in my angst. It may help. I'm beginning to feel better already.
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1 comment:

Molly said...

Speaking as one of the august (or maybe aghast), blogging is good for the soul. It's like a cross between throwing up and psychoanalysis.