Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The fierce urgency of not updating my blog...

Why have I stopped updating this blog?

1. I've lost interest in it.
2. I got tired of participating in the useless buzz.
3. Nobody is listening to anybody anymore.
4. Politics is a waste of time with the current crop of party animals in power.
5. It's hard to type and persistently yawn at the same time.
6. I've rediscovered my joy of reading science fiction.
7. Life is fun again.

I'll be back when our government is dominated by people of principles and convictions instead of people of party.

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roezer said...

I loose Interest in Blogging sometime and think it is a good Idea to make a Blogging Break I bet you will be back blogging again if not then you will think about it

Gridlock Reigns said...

I'm not so sure I'll be back to blogging. I most likely will never come back to this blog. I have decided that the only good use for politics is to provide Stephen Colbert material for his program so I can laugh at it.

Right now, nothing else holds my interest enough to sustain writing beyond what would fit in a Twitter post.

I appreciate the encouragement though. Perhaps something will grab me in the future.