Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Do not go gentle into that good night...

Dylan Thomas is a fine poet, or so people say. I have no particular taste for poetry. I have no issues with him but some people should really ignore his advice. I know the poem is about death. In this particular case, I will apply this phrase to political death as I am not interested in wishing physical death on anyone.

The following people should ignore this advice and allow themselves to sink into obscurity. They should do it quietly. They should take whatever joy they wish from their time in the limelight and accept that they have had their full portion and not seek more.

George W. Bush

You've been president for eight years now. Very soon you will be moving out of one of the coolest houses in the world. Spend your last few days enjoying the amenities of the White House. Have very complicated dishes. Take a joyride in Marine One. Then go on to do what most presidents wisely did. Disappear from the national scene altogether. We should not hear from you for many years until your hopefully peaceful passing at which point you are entitled to a kickass state funeral.

Sarah Palin

You had your chance. You blew it. You have become the poster child for the benefits of doing your homework the night before. There is nothing to be served by staying on the national stage. There is just too much file footage that your apologists can't explain away. The only reason that the Republican party would run you against Obama is...

1. He's so popular that they just don't want to put a lot of effort into 2012.

2. He really is the risen Messiah and he has been declared king.

3. The economy shows no sign of turning around and they're going to let the democrats take the heat for four more years.

4. Everyone else has come to their senses and decided that politics is a game for liars and white collar criminals and have chosen a more noble profession like...well...any other legal activity that one engages in to make a living.

Ruth Marcus

Anyone who talks like this shouldn't be in a Cabinet position. She should be teaching master classes in appearing before senate subcommittees.

Arne Duncan

The Department of Education should go as I discussed in a previous post. We can start with you.

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