Saturday, November 8, 2008

And I looked, and behold a Midwestern governor: and his name that sat on her was Economic Ruin...

obama and granholm.jpg

Above is an AP photo of President-elect Obama with his economic advisory team. Look to the far left. Who could that be? Yes, it's Jennifer Granholm. Jennifer Granholm has been Michigan's governor since January 1st, 2003. She's overseen an economy sinking into oblivion. Being a Michigan refugee, I take this particular appointment personally. In bad economic times, one does not have as a member of their economic team a person who has watched the water rise in a sinking boat while trying to find a bucket with which to bail. She doesn't belong in Washington advising anyone on economic matters, and certainly not our next president. She belongs back in Michigan working on Michigan's economy.

One of the very few good things about not living in Michigan anymore is I don't have to listen to the pathetic whining of her apologists anymore.

I think all politicians are pretty much useless. Some, such as Governor Granholm, give the word useless a whole new and even more unflattering meaning.

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Cheyenne Spearmann said...

Maybe she was there to tell Obama about the bad economics in Michigan and advise him what is needed. I've been hearing alot in the news lately about "bailing out" the car manufacturers.

Gridlock Reigns said...

That's what the Washington Post article indicated. As poorly as she's handled the economy, I don't think she'd be a reliable source of information. Besides, anything she could say on the subject could just as easily be handled by a medium-sized memo.